About Sri Lanka

Ayubowan, welcome you to the pearl of Indian ocean! Sri Lanka known as the small miracle because of its unique combination of pristine beaches, adventurous nature with wildlife, proud history with rich traditions & customs, warm hospitality, tropical weather and endemic flora & fauna with picturesque sceneries. Sri Lanka enriched with 15 national parks, 350 waterfalls, 09 UNESCO world heritage sites, 25000 water bodies, 1,330 kilometers of coastline with golden sandy beaches and 500,000 acres of lush greenery tea estates.


You can discover pristine beaches in the Northern, Southern, Eastern and the Western parts of the country with much variety of marvelous views. From the past Sri Lanka popular among tourists with the wide coastal line & with the pristine beaches under the sun+ sea+ sand concept. You can engage with surfing, whale watching, diving, snorkeling, fishing, swimming, boat rides, exploring ship wrecks and many more activities.

Hill country

Sri Lanka is an ideal place to unwind your busy mind and relax yourself with soft and hard adventures based on air, water and land. You can engage with hot air ballooning around the cultural triangle, cycling around the rural to developed areas, beautiful train rides, experiencing Sri Lankan traditions and customs with village tours, water sports, exploring past history with caving, energizing your mind and body with rock climbing challenges, feel the beauty of nature with hiking & trekking, thrilling jeep safaris and spend your time under the stars with camping and many more activities. When you visit to hill country you will feel the fresh air with the picturesque views of lushgreenery vegetations, endemic floras, huge tea plantations, marvelous waterfalls and misty mountains. In the commercial hub; Colombo you can explore the modern culture with vast modern facilities. Other than these you can explore botanical gardens, hot water springs and natural harbor in Trincomalee, unspoiled villages and walking trails, Indian epic legend Ramayan sites and many more in this exotic island.


Sri Lanka known as the smiling nation in the world. In the each & every destination you will feel the hospitality of Sri Lankans with their smiling faces. The tropical weather will give you a great opportunity to feel the wonder of the nature in different ways. Each destination has their own atmosphere from cool to hot weather. It will support you to have a fresh mind set from one destination to another destination. so, the tropical weather of Sri Lanka unique from the other countries of the world.

Beast time to Visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a thrilling holiday destination with all year-round tropical climate. Average temperature of the island 25 0 -30 0 C and the average temperature of the hill country 15 0 -18 0 C. There’s a high rainfall in the month of September to the hill country of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has two wet monsoons season as south western monsoon & north eastern monsoon. South and the west part of Sri Lanka influence by the south western monsoon rain in the period of April to September. North and the east part of Sri Lanka influence by the north eastern monsoon in the period of August to January. For south east Asian destinations December to mid-April consider as the peak season for overall weather.

Book your tour in advance

Book your Sri Lanka tour in advance when you planning your trip in the peak seasons of Sri Lanka. December to mid of April has the best weather condition in Sri Lanka. most of hotels are overbooked in this period. In the period of Esala Perehera (July & August) hotels in Kandy are full with travelers. So, don’t book hotels and plan your tour in the last minute of the peak seasons in Sri Lanka.

What to wear in Sri Lanka

Cotton light weight clothes are more comfortable for you with the tropical weather in Sri Lanka. Bring sun protection lotion and swimming suites when you plan your tour to coastal areas in Sri Lanka. Dress in a decent way when you enter to the pilgrim sites. Males must have to wear trouser which cover knees with a shirt or a t shirt for the top. Females must wear long trouser or a long skirt and wear a blouse decently. Open shoulders are not allowed in religious places.

Tips to prepare your tour

Before you confirm your tour think about your flight times and the arrival time to Sri Lanka. if you are arriving early morning to Sri Lanka you can drive to another destination on the same day. But if you are arriving at the late evening you must stay in the Colombo or Negombo to have a rest.

Your visa

Check your visa and confirm it before your arrival to Sri Lanka. you can visit to this link for more information about your visa. Visa Application

Medical assurance

After arriving to Sri Lanka, you can inform to your tourist chauffer if you feel any illness during the tour. He will take you to the nearest hospital or to the pharmacy to fulfill your need. Also, you can call to hotel reception if you feel any illness in the staying period of the hotel. They will contact a doctor or move you to the nearest hospital to assure your healthcare.


If you get a satisfactory service from guides and hotel housekeeping/restaurant staff you can give a tip for them. To tip your chuffer at the end of your tour is a customary thing in Sri Lanka.

Money exchange

You can exchange your money in the bank counter at the Bandaranayaka International Airport. Also, you can withdraw your cash and use your ATM cards from the bank ATM” s on the way.